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Roadhouse Café in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, stands as a neighborhood favorite for both locals and foreigners, drawn in by our delicious wood-fired pizzas. Reflecting the signature aesthetic of our other Roadhouse cafes, the décor includes mosaic-adorned walls and a rustic stone floor.

Enjoy Roadhouse’s famed freshly made wood-fired pizzas or explore our extensive menu offering a variety of fresh and flavorful salads alongside an array of delectable continental dishes. Experience the spirit of community and culinary excellence at Roadhouse Café in Jhamsikhel.

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  • “Where good times roll by!”
    One word for this place: AMAZING! good ambience, great service and super great food.. when you leave, you leave “all smiles” ..worth the money!
  • “Glorious Wood fired Pizza”
    This is THE place to go for the best Wood Fired Pizza. We have to buy 20 plus pizzas every time we get there for a special occasion and they deliver on time every time! WELL Done! Please give them a try. The other food there is also amazing and dining there is always a wonderful and pleasant occasion.
  • “Best of the west!”
    Good service, good desserts, good petite chicken wings and great pizza! 7 of us wolfed down 4 pizzas- pepperoni, salami and Hawaiian, I think ! Great satisfying meal
  • “Comfort Food”
    This is always my go-to place for comfort food in Nepal. While Roadhouse is most popular for it’s wood-fired Pizza, there are a lot of other items on the menu that make this place worth going to over and over. Two of my all-time favorites are the Mini Chicken Wings and the Smoked Chicken Sadekho (for a hint of local fare). Prices are reasonable and they serve good coffee too! All branches of Roadhouse Café’s have a very nice ambience, good customer service, and consistent food quality that will never let you down.