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Our Story

The Roadhouse Tale – A Story of
Inspiration, Determination & Growth

What started as Himal Cottage in the 1970s, initiated by a mother’s entrepreneurial spirit, evolved into a prominent name in Nepal’s hospitality industry. From humble beginnings, Roadhouse navigated through challenges, embraced opportunities, and transformed from a family-run establishment to a titan of corporate operation. This journey is a testament to the founder’s vision and the team’s dedication to creating a unique dining experience that blends culture, innovation, and community. As the chapters of this remarkable journey continue to unfold, one thing remains certain: the Roadhouse legacy will endure as a testament to the power of inspiration, determination, and growth.


Roadhouse Cafe

It all started in 1992 with the home base shifting to Thamel, a vibrant tourist hub, igniting the first spark of Roadhouse. Symbolizing a significant milestone in its remarkable tale, Thamel was relatively sparse with only a handful of restaurants and pubs, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity.

Roadhouse was born out of ambition and enthusiasm with an initial investment of Rs.6,00,000, albeit with a kitchen oversight. The introduction of live music infused an irresistible charm, captivating visitors and solidifying Roadhouse’s allure in Thamel’s burgeoning scene. Chandan Kayestha’s exploration of international hospitality trends, especially in Europe and America, further refined Roadhouse’s offerings and setting new standards of excellence.

The first establishment of Roadhouse Cafe Thamel was just the stepping stone of the 12+ establishments that Roadhouse Group has today.


La Dolce Vita
Purchased from an Italian and successfully taken over by Roadhouse Group after and was the very first establishment to help Roadhouse Group make an imprint in the hospitality sector here in Nepal.


Arcadia Apartments
One of the very first establishments in Nepal which operated as an apartment hotel.


Casa Blanca
Full-fledged Italian fine dining restaurant which was operated along with an Italian Chef, Franco Simoni. Unfortunately, the market in Nepal didn’t receive this restaurant model well enough as it was a short business venture.


Challenges during Maoist insurgency

In the year 2001, the Maoist insurgency posed challenges, disrupting tourism and business. However, Roadhouse persevered, showcasing remarkable resilience. Innovative interiors aligned with elements of earth and water elevated the experience and weathered the storm.

The mid-2000s saw diversification by branching into the Jhamsikhel area, reflecting a strategy shift towards the local community during uncertain times. This diversification heralded success as Roadhouse became a pioneer in the evolving restaurant scene by establishing its footprints in “Boudha”, “Bhatbhateni”, “Mezze by Roadhouse”, “Roadhouse Cafe Pokhara”, Pizzeria, Pasa Deli, and more as the journey continued, with a focus on quality, unique offerings, and a local touch.


Roadhouse Cafe Jhamsikhel

The first branch of Roadhouse Cafe was opened after the unfortunate effects of the Maoist insurgency in 2001 which crashed the tourism market of the country leading to an entry to a local market shift.

Roadhouse Cafe Jhamsikhel was also a part of the building pillars for the growth of the restaurant culture in that specific part of Kathmandu City along with a handful of other restaurants.


Roadhouse Cafe Bhatbhateni
Keeping in mind the expansion and need to reach out to more locals around the valley, the Roadhouse Cafe, Bhatbhateni branch came into existence featuring its authentic and classic Roadhouse-styled ambiance.


Central Kitchen
The commitment to providing exceptional service to its esteemed customers, characterized by quality and consistency, fueled the decision to operate its restaurant services through a centralized kitchen.


Temple Tree Resort & Spa
Following a hiatus in 2006, Temple Tree Resort & Spa Pokhara marked one of Roadhouse Group’s major ventures in 2011. The project proved immensely successful, leading to its establishment as an award-winning resort from 2011 to the present day.


Roadhouse Cafe Boudha
Recognizing an opportunity in one of Kathmandu’s prized heritage sites, listed among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, Roadhouse Cafe Boudha was established. With a focus on serving pizza accompanied by breathtaking views from its rooftop, visitors can enjoy the serene vistas Nepal has to offer.


Mezze by Roadhouse
Opened as one of the first Rooftop restaurants in the Kingsway also known as Durbarmarg, is an establishment hosting an extensive menu including the famous Roadhouse pizzas and a great selection of wines from its in-house wine cellar.


Rebranding in 2016
In the year 2016, Roadhouse underwent a comprehensive and transformative rebranding that encompassed various strategic initiatives aimed at revitalizing and renewing its brand identity and market positioning.


Roadhouse Cafe New Delhi
Roadhouse made its international debut with an outlet in New Delhi. Roadhouse Café Delhi is designed to savor the perfect fusion of innovative Italian flavors and elegant comfort. Our inviting ambiance sets the stage for relaxed dining, offering a curated selection of seasonal, farm-to-table delights.


Roadhouse Pizzeria, Labim
Roadhouse has been known for starting many trends and firsts here in Nepal, where Roadhouse Pizzeria is one of the very first of its establishments to open in a mall as a premium dining outlet.


Roadhouse Cafe Pokhara
Responding to numerous requests from its loyal customers, Roadhouse launched its branch outside of the Kathmandu Valley. This decision was prompted by the demand for its renowned pizzas in one of Nepal’s most frequented tourist destinations, Pokhara following the success in Kathmandu.


Hotel Roadhouse
Established in 2018, Arcadia Apartments was renovated and converted into Hotel Roadhouse, which was built to commemorate and share the beauty of Nepalese architecture and culture with tourists seeking a luxurious stay when visiting Kathmandu.


Roadhouse Pizza Franchise
Battisputali, Bhaisepati, Basantapur
A vision that was brought to life: Post COVID and with numerous planning, Roadhouse was able to begin its Franchise journey with people who have enjoyed the brand and want to take it closer to their community.


Pasa Deli: Bhatbhateni
A project brought to existence with a single vision of creating a coffee experience. Named after friends in Newari, this establishment is focused on creating an experience where people can come together and enjoy a good cup of coffee in their community!


30th Year Anniversary
In 2023, Roadhouse celebrated its 30th Year Anniversary, on this milestone Roadhouse Foundation was formed as an initiative guided by its history of having served in the hospitality sector for the past three decades. The foundation hereby will be committed to funding vocational training opportunities to enhance and to uplift the potential underprivileged youth. The belief is that with this support they too will be able to dream and realize a better future for them and their families!


Pasa Deli: Boudha
The concept behind Pasa Deli by Roadhouse was to create and operate a coffee experience in a modern and minimalistic ambiance that was curated and envisioned while setting up this unique Deli in the hub of the city.


Roadhouse Mart

Roadhouse Mart was founded in the year 2023.

Franchise: Roadhouse Pizza Maharajgunj

Craving for pizza never gets old, the Maharjgunj franchise has helped Roadhouse get closer to fulfilling those craving!

Pasa Deli

Pasa Deli will soon be opening in Sanepa and Thamel in the year 2023.


Future Horizons

As 2024 approaches, new restaurants and brands are set to enrich Roadhouse's portfolio. While the legacy takes a backseat to continuous growth.

Roadhouse's journey from Himal Cottage to a burgeoning hospitality empire is a narrative of innovation, resilience, and community engagement. From its inception in the 1970s to its current status, Roadhouse's growth reflects an unyielding commitment to serving patrons while embracing change and setting trends. With a vision to become an unrivaled pizza chain, we hope Roadhouse's story serves as an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs and hospitality enthusiasts alike.