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Roadhouse Pizza is located in one of Lalitpur’s most vibrant and upcoming communities, Bhaisepati, within the Avas Gate area, alongside a plethora of other commercial establishments. The Bhaisepati branch has a gleaming appearance from afar, making it noticeable to any passersby in the area. The interior of the restaurant has a very minimalist feel to it, with the signature art of Italy painted on the white walls which is followed through in most of the Roundhouse properties as well.

The menu boasts an array of culinary delights, featuring the renowned signature pizzas that have made the Roadhouse brand a household name. Complementing these offerings is a selection of dishes typically found on the cafe’s menu, all served alongside the rich and balanced flavors of Segafredo Zanetti coffee. Experience the perfect blend of taste and ambiance at Roadhouse Pizza Bhaisepati.

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