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Into the world of Hotel Roadhouse

Synopsis: Understanding the elements of interior design and envisioning them in a way that
intertwines aesthetics and cultural flavor together must demand layers of planning and
dedication. In conversation with Mr. Chandan Kayestha, we try to navigate into the world of
Hotel Roadhouse interior design.

The vibe of the Hotel Roadhouse

Hotel Roadhouse is a boutique property inspired by the lavish lifestyles led by the Newar
Traders in the early years. The very idea is what we wanted to translate through our architecture,
for which the elements are taken for the interiors as well. We welcome lots of tourists and
especially foreigners who get intrigued with our cultural architecture. Therefore, the interiors of
the hotel intend to project what Nepali architecture is all about. Additionally, I feel Thamel is
losing its charm of traditional touch to it. So, the interiors like this tend to represent culture and
reflect the evolutions. We are certain that visiting the Hotel Roadhouse makes people (Both
living here or those on visit) nostalgic.

Modern and Newari fusion

Hotel Roadhouse is an amalgamation of respect for Newari Heritage’s roots and the modernity of
today’s generation. The style is marked by striking brickwork and a unique style of wood carving
rarely seen outside Nepal. We have tried to justify the concept with the in-cooperation of various
elements in the interiors. If you are to look at the ambiance, it is reminiscent of a walk back in
time, and every corner has exquisite woodwork interlaced with a minimalistic design. The
modern and traditional Newari blend has added another layer to the aesthetics and our vision.

Play of Lighting

The lighting plays an important role in keeping the overall theme of the hotel intact and
authentic. We have set the lighting as warm, the kind that keeps the vibe relaxing. As the
boutique property carries its ambiance to its old Newari Architecture theme, warm lights felt like
the right choice. The hotel is allocated in the midst of Thamel, and most of our guests are back
tired. By that, I mean, they are here to explore and are about and about the day. The warm lights
create a very relaxing and comforting air.

Impact of foreign guests and traditional interiors fusion

The major highlight of Nepal that has been successfully attracting tourists is the culture. The
interior detailing of our hotel is a certain reflection of the amalgamation of Nepali culture. It has
welcomed tourists, who like to enjoy and live through the Nepali architectural traditions through
modern comfort. That might be the reason for them revisiting us during their travels to Nepal
throughout the years after its opening in 2018.

Dining on the rooftop

One of Hotel Roadhouse’s attractions is its rooftop terrace space which has lounging outdoor
furniture and is surrounded by green plants. One can oversee a subliminal view of the skies being
in the heart of Thamel which is rare. Hotel Roadhouse can arrange sundowners, champagne
breakfasts, or even a cup of Italy’s famous Segafredo Zanetti Coffee from the rooftop during
their stays with us.

Food and ambiance

Hotel Roadhouse serves its meals from Roadhouse Cafe which is its adjacent outlet. The cafe is
famously known for its signature wood-fired pizzas and its distinct ambiance. The classic touch
of traditional vibe and international cuisine dichotomy has brought people together.

The team that gave the concept, a life

I was able to work with an amazing team such as the Architecture Atelier who contributed to the
exteriors and Innovations Interiors for Hotel Roadhouse. The theme of the hotel that we had
envisioned couldn’t have been possible without them.


I have received a lot of appreciation for having created Hotel Roadhouse which was
inspired by the local architecture whereas most buildings before used to be made
haphazardly. I have also seen people who are both tourists, as well as locals, stop for
admiration for this being a new building which was a completely new development. They
have genuinely complimented us for making it one of Thamel’s best-looking buildings!