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Segafredo Zanetti Coffee, Now Available in Nepal!

The undisputed leader in espresso coffee in Italy as well as all over the world is now available in
Nepal! Roadhouse Group’s Pasa Deli which is the flagship for Segafredo Zanetti Coffee offers all
coffee enthusiasts of Nepal to discover Segafredo coffee and the incredible journey it takes to get into your cup and sip through the taste of Italy’s finest espresso at its outlets.

Coffee, having been said to be the drink of a civilized world – Segafredo Zanetti Coffee is now here with a with a precise mission: to spread the taste, the culture and preparation of a real Italian Espresso, offering a product of outright quality, guaranteed from the small plant to the cup, as only Segafredo Zanetti can do.
There are so many ways to prepare and enjoy coffee, and Segafredo Zanetti has been working hard every day to provide their idea of quality coffee for more than forty years. Segafredo Zanetti believes that making coffee is not enough, one must know how to brew great coffee: a quality product, with a pleasant taste in all its nuances and capable of adapting to different moments, can only come from the experience and passion of those who have always produced coffee.

To get the desired blend you need experience and skilled hands, Segafredo Zanetti has both! The blending process consists in skillfully measuring the different varieties of raw or roasted coffee to obtain a specific blend. For every type of coffee, Segafredo provides a specific reference blend, which is established by a group of experts.
Segafredo Zanetti offers amazing blends which includes;
Classico Napoli is a medium dark roast blend with a rich aroma. It has a full body with low acidity. The notes you can sense are of dark chocolate, caramel,Tobacco and slightly earthly.
Espresso Roma is a medium roasted blend with a rich and intense aroma. The body of this blend is heavy and creamy with a well balanced bitter to sweet flavor.
Extra Strong Roasted Coffee has a smoky and toasted wheat aroma. This blend is low in acidity where you can taste a smooth and well balanced flavor of dark chocolate hazelnut and citruses

Coffee being one of the most consumed products in the world, a drink for creative and dynamic intelligence, a perfect way to awaken your senses at any time of the day. A major drink for our
tradition, it is consumed every day in different parts of the world according to different customs and traditions.


The brand offers coffee that is tailored for you. As we know that coffee ritual is necessary to face everyday challenges, meetings or special situations, Segafredo’s mission is to ensure that your moments are made special, wherever you are.
At Home, for all those who experience coffee drinking as a home and intimate gesture, to share with those you love Segafredo offers grounded bean ranges for its highest selling Espresso Roma and Napoli which can be enjoyed as its made in a moka pot or any at-home coffee machine. Similarly, Segafredo offers its Nespresso Compatible Alum Capsules which is both quick and easy to kickstart your day!
For Your Business, With over 10,000 partners throughout Italy, Segafredo is the number one player in Italian bars and restaurants. From Sicily to Nepal, the products are able to respond to every business need and consumer preference. Segafredo is the partner which will be able to satisfy all your business
needs. Enter the Segafredo business world with two simple objectives: grow your business and offer your customers the best coffee.
At Work, To start the day, to regain energy in mid-afternoon or simply to enjoy a break full of taste: coffee at work is an indispensable moment. Segafredo Zanetti is committed to making coffee time at work a pleasant and necessary break, which you can no longer do without. Having a cup of coffee at work, besides being a moment of deserved rest, is also a moment of aggregation, where we get to know our colleagues as well as to recharge our energies.
Visit Pasa Deli for a taste of life after true Italian coffee which serves uniquely smooth, rich and carefully orchestrated cafe blends of Segafredo Zanetti in Tangal & Boudha!

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