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Pasa Deli…It’s an all day affair!

Kathmandu has always reciprocated to upcoming trends and changes in leisure dining where we can now witness even breakfast places or delis serving breakfast and other light meals throughout the day are a loved place to visit amongst the local crowds.

The word “Deli” initially began to formally be used to describe any place that sold sandwiches or similar grab-and-go foods. In literal terms, if a store consists mainly of a long counter behind which people are making sandwiches, with a beverage case off to the side and possibly a few tables, it will often be called a deli. These days the scene of a regular deli has changed where even though it may serve the same purpose but a flare of various trendy additions has upscaled through pastries, drinks and the highly curated ambiances.

The menus in Delis have a range of sandwiches and breakfast options along with a selection of pastries keeping in mind the reference of the emerging delis. Nowadays the choice of people has surely scaled up as the new bar hosts options consisting of both mandatory aspects of them being healthy and picturesque. As seen trending in Nepal’s leisure dining lifestyle, a majority of the people are seen enjoying healthy meals which have fresh and boosting ingredients where taking pictures and posting their meal of the day pictures online are on the high! Keeping up with these trends, the Delis in Nepal have changed the game in leisure dining where numerous delis are famous and known for such aspects.

Roadhouse Group has always been a major contributor to setting benchmarks and bringing change to the dining scene in Nepal. Similarly, Pasa Deli introduced by Roadhouse in November 2021 was visioned to become the next neighborhood go-to place for meet ups between friends, family or work groups. The ambiance has been what sets it apart whilst being able to enjoy a cup of Italy’s loved Segafredo Zanetti Coffee.

The menu hosts a variety of healthy choice meals mainly highlighting the vast array of sandwiches and wholesome breakfast options which are both healthy and Instagram friendly! Similarly, the pastry counter has a display of the prettiest selection which goes perfectly after your meal accompanied by a cup of coffee. These curated combinations have attracted locals from around the neighborhood and has been able to escalate itself from the traditional concept of a deli.

An all day affair starts with a cup of coffee and ends with a glass of wine, enjoy the experience of being able to enjoy this all day with your group whilst you visit Nepal’s new and favorite Pasa Deli in Bhatbhateni, Naxal beside Roadhouse Cafe and one coming very soon in Boudha right below Roadhouse Cafe where the view meets your favorite brunch place!

Sandwiches and coffee have no limitations where the demand never ceases to end resulting in the delis being an all day affair for the people where, enjoying a good meal and a drink is possible from breakfast to dinner!